Industrial Stoving Paints :-

Stoving Enamels is based on alkyd-amino system and is very much similar to synthetic Enamel. It is designed to provide hard durable and excellent protection to metal surface and good aesthetics look. The range of product offered by us has extra gloss retention and good weathering properties.

Synthetic Paints :-

Synthetic Enamel is anti-corrosive in nature and is used for high performance coating with excellent adhesion to metal, concrete, FRP and wood. These enamels are used in coating various types of metals and wooden products so as to ensure high durability. Characteristics of Synthetic Enamel.

Epoxy Paints :-

Epoxy is basically a thermosetting resin used chiefly in strong adhesives and coatings and laminates. Epoxy floorings are often used on floors because of their reputation for toughness and durability from wear and chemicals. Epoxy flooring or Epoxy Floor Paint have excellent outstanding chemical resistance, durability, low porosity & strong bond strength.

Industrial Thinner :-

Industrial Thinners are solvent used to thin oil based paints. Formulated by our vendors using finest grade pigments and resins in adherence with the international quality standards.

Industrial Stoving Thinner :-

Stoving thinne is used as a dilutent in all melamine-fromaldihide coatings. These thinners enhance the adhesion and treatment properties of stoving paints. These stoving thinners enhance the heat resistance qualities of these paints as well.

PU Thinner :-

PU Thinner are used widely in various industrial sectors. Raw material of superior quality is used in the manufacturing of our products, which are procured from reliable vendors.

Epoxy Thinner :-

Epoxy Thinner is a strong, fairly fast evaporating thinner that allows two-part epoxies to flow out smoothly and yet flashes out fast enough to prevent sags. Use about 10% when necessary.

Wrinkle Finish Paint (Black) :-

It combines strong colors with a deep rich texture for a custom look. It is temperature resistant and is ideal for adding a touch of personal styling to almost any metal surface. It resists color fading, grease, degreasers and severe weather conditions. This tough durable finish is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping and cracking.

Hammertone Paint :-

Hammertone Paints that find application over metal surfaces and have high gloss as well as durability along with excellent adhesion to the surfaces.

Alluminium Paint :-

Aluminium Paint can with stand atmospheric corrosion & Excellent longevity and good heat resisting property coupled with higher covering capacity are the salient features.

Boiler Paint :-

Boiler Paint is high quality protective coating for the internal surface of boiler. These compositions are formulated to provide maximum protection to steel surfaces with minimum heat losses and can be used in all kind of industries for generating steam. The boiler paint is designed to give a highly protective film that prevents corrosion and rusting. The paint film gives satisfactory results between operating temperatures of 200-250 degree C. It is useful in milk factories, textile sector, chocolate factories sugar mills etc.

Rubber Seal Compound :-

Rubber seal compound, as the name suggests is rubber based coating that is applied on large reservoirs for storing water. it serves the purpose for protecting these water tanks from rusting due to prolonged exposure to moisture conditions. Due to their plasticity they also act as a sealing compound against water loss due to seepage.

Synthetic Putty :-

Synthetic Putty is a decorative paint compatible with emulsion paints, varnishes in aqueous phase. It is a product ready for use; its resistance to water is not good before complete drying .

NC Putty :-

NC Putty is a quick drying thick paste on N.C., intended for surfaces which need filling up like dents, file marks etc. prior to finishing.

Deco Putty :-

Deco Putty offers you totals protection against flaking. As white cement-based putty, it binds strongly with the base plaster, even if the surface is damp, and forms a protective base. It fills up the fine pores in the walls and ceiling, giving you a smooth and dry surface for painting. With an effective protection against flaking, you are assured of a good looking home for years to come.

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